Tunnel design and installation

Cutting a hole and molding the tunnel are not good enough when installing a tunnel. There are two main technical reasons why the tunnel installation requires some planning and preparations:

  1. The tunnel end must have a soft radius connection to the hull to get the best possible performance from the thruster and to reduce noise.
  2. The hull and thruster tunnel fitting must be shaped so that the tunnel does not interfere with the boat's performance and handling.

This guide will teach you how to perfectly shape the hull for the tunnel so that it joins it entirely when the boat is taken from the mold. 


You will get detailed descriptions and illustrations on: 

  • The shaping of the tunnel connection
  • The positioning of the tunnel and thruster
  • Tunnel length 
  • What solution to use for each boat model
  • As well as design advice that will save you time and cost

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